Bones,Bones and...Bones


Andreas Muller ( Founder ) from Augsburg, Germany - Amalia ( Artist ) from Netherlands Amsterdam - Jonathan ( Web3 developer, creative director ) from Augsburg, Germany - Dicord: Just_Jon#0024

A little story about Skeletons

Even in the world of the dead, there is a style and brand. Once 4 Skeletons gathered to solve an important question - how can we become the most popular in the World of the Dead? It seemed, why they need it, but the Skeletons have their own thoughts in their head, even though it is empty inside. After a long meeting in the castle of the Skeleton Squad leader, it was decided to develop a project on the Solana Blockchain, become part of Web3 and surpass the projects of other Skeletons!! This decision was supported by all the Skeletons and began to implement their ideas, what will come of it you can see in the Skeleton Squad project. Become part of an amazing community and join the DAO to develop the project together with the Skeletons.